Fishing without a valid, personal fishing permit (“fiskekort”) is illegal and a violation of the Swedish fishing Laws (1993:787). The county administrative board (“Länsstyrelsen”) approves fishing inspectors who patrols the area and controls that anglers have a valid permit and the rules are followed. In a case of illegal fishing, the angler will be reported to the police and the inspectors have the legal right to seize the fishing equipment used.

 In the event of a violation of the local fishery regulations and rules, a control fee of SEK 800 may be charged according to the Act on Fishing Conservation Areas (LOFO, 1981: 533).

The fishing permit for Roxenis also a family and a trolling cardthat applies to parents with their own children. The definition of a child is someone below17 years of age. The fishing permit only applies to the family members who live at home and have a residence at the same address.

Recreational sport fishing is only permitted within the fishing area's boundaries with a valid fishing permit.

  • For lake Roxen, the fishing area also includes a part of Motala stream near Ljungsbro, from the lake up to the first power plant. For borders, see the map on
  • Specifically, for the area of Nedre Svartån, fishing is only allowed in a limited part of the river, around the bridge at the road Bergsvägen, from 50 m downstream up to the power line and footbridge. Children under the age of 16 fish for free in company with their parents. Fishing in Svartån is only allowed from the river beach with handheld equipment (e.g. rods).


  • Fishing permits are strictly personal and may not be transferred to another person. A valid personal identification must be carried and shown to the inspector upon request.
  • Caught fish is only for own personal use and must be killed instantly or released back.


  • The following tools and fishing methods are allowed: Angling rods, casting rods or fly-fishing rods. Handheld ice fishing rods or so called “angel” (tip-up fixed ice fishing rods) and trolling.
  • Only one (1) rod per card and person may be used exceptwhen trolling, where four (4) rods are allowed per card and a maximum of six (6) rods per boat. When using fixed ice tip-up rods (“angel”) it is permitted to use four (4) rods.
  • For handheld gear fishing, trolling, and when ice fishing, a maximum of two (2) pikes per fisherman and day may be kept. These should keep a measure between 40 - 90 cm. All other pikes must be release back (Catch & release)
  • In order to arrange a fishing contest or some other form of organized fishing event, a special permit is required for each FVO. (See contact information at


  • Throughout the entire year, all targeted fishing for the fish species of Asp (Leuciscus aspius), Vimba (Vimma, Abramis vimba)and eel (Anguilla anguilla)is prohibited. Any caught fish should be released directly back into the water.
  • All caught Zanders must be released (Catch & release)
  • Any fish caught by anglers in lake Roxen (including the part of Motala Ström) or in the Nedre Svartån must not be used as live bait fish in any other water systems.
  • Fishing is prohibited at all boat harbours, boat docks and at bathing areas throughout the year and 150 meters from fixed, labelled fishing gear (e.g. nets)
  • The following fishing equipment is NOT allowed: Nets, casting nets, cages, grapples, jerked hooks, any pointed or sharp tool like spears or harpoons.
  • Fishing must not be conducted from road bridges or near hydroelectric power stations.
  • Trolling fishing and towing is prohibited at all inflows to Roxen and in Svartån.