Fishing permits (a personal license) in lake Roxen can be purchased online or through local agents. 50% of card sales are invested in measures that favor the angling.

The Roxen fishing license is both a family card and a trolling card that includes 2 adults and their children under 16 years. Rules and regulations for fishing in lake Roxen

Buy online:

Day permit
110 kr
Family card, also applies to trolling.Buy
Dagkort Ungdom
55 kr
For young people up to and including the age of 16.Buy
Half-year card
750 kr
Year card
1100 kr

Donation till till Rädda Roxen (

Donation 50 till Rädda Roxen
50 kr
Donation 100 till Rädda Roxen
100 kr
Donation 250 till Rädda Roxen
250 kr
Donation 500 till Rädda Roxen
500 kr

Local resellers:

Ljungsbro Sportfiskeförening Borensvägen 133, Motala
Sandviks camping Stjärnorp
ICA Norsholm Norsholm
ICA Nära Vretahallen Bergsbadsvägen 1, Berg
Kennet Fransson Ekängen
Hultins sportfiske Nya Tanneforsvägen 15, Linköping
Upplev Roxengatan 4, Linköping