Roxen's FVOF puts the fishery in focus and for us it is of the utmost importance to preserve and care for the lake's fish stocks! For this reason, we have implemented a large number of measures regarding the extraction of adult predators. For the same reason, we ask your anglers to conduct a sustainable and responsible fishing when you visit our fine lake, of course, comply with applicable regulations and deal carefully with the fish you intend to restore.

Through purposeful work in support of rejuvenation for many years, the lake has 24 different species of fish with rare species such as aspen together with pike, perch, pike-perch, eel etc. Work is currently underway to improve play areas for nors and pike along with Tekniska Verken, which operates power plants upstream of the lake. The red-listed fish species aspen is also found in the lake system.

Fishing in the lake is made available to the public through the sale of fishing licenses.

Fish species and fauna
Roxen's fish fauna is very species-rich and there are 21 naturally reproducing species in the lake. A test fishing survey conducted in 2010 shows a moderate ecological status, so-called class 3. The following species are reported; perch, aspen, legume, birch, bream, gers, pike, pike-perch, id, lake, roach, snout, neon eye, cousin, ruda, scarlet, broccoli, whisker, stone moth, scab, eel. In addition, the species are found in the majority of the watercourses.

The perch is, according to the test fish surveys Roxens numbered most common species, and according to the 2010 sample fishing constitutes 54% of the lake's fish number and 44% of its fish biomass. Pike is undoubtedly the lake's currently most popular sport fish and the main reason why anglers visit the lake.